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Flourish Memberships

Be Motivated

A LIV Well Membership is the bridge between your current self and a life LIVed in full colour.

This is your path. It’s taking the time for exploring you – your health, your personal aspirations, and your highest level of wellbeing. It’s about making the space to focus inward and tap into a wellbeing journey; to nourish yourself inside and out; to refresh your outlook and be bold enough for positive change; to cherish and prioritize what’s important to you; to enrich the relationships, connections, inspirations, and opportunities.

All LIV Well Memberships are custom-created, tailored to your life, work, health, and happiness aspirations. This is about grounding yourself and discovering a good body-mind-spirit connection.

As a LIV Well member, you’re invited to retreat to Flourish as your feel-good energy oasis often; it becomes your reflective retreat for a life well LIVed, to flourish in full colour.

This is not your typical membership program, but more of a personalized journey mapped out over time. With ample face-to-face time built in with our leader of all-things LIV Well, Sean Liv, we listen, we set intentions, and together make a commitment to your personal wellbeing journey. We look to the healing properties of crystal energies; journaling; meditation and good mental health practices; nutrition; movement and good health; and the benefits of Vitamin N (time spent with Mother Nature) to custom create a program that is your path to body-mind-spirit connection and a deeper level of contentment in all areas of life.

LIV Well
LIV Brightly
LIV Vividly


A LIV Well Membership features:


  • FULL ACCESS Anytime-access to the Flourish LIV Well Energy Spa space, including the reflective loft and all yoga classes.

  • TRAIL ACCESS Anytime-access to the Flourish Nature Trails, our 3km, 5km, and 10km outdoor reflective meditation paths, located on the grounds of Azuridge Estate Hotel.

  • KITCHEN SPACE Complimentary use of the Flourish nutritional kitchen space during certain hours

  • MEMBER-PRICING Preferential, member-only pricing on Flourish energy treatments and services.

  • FIRST-TO-KNOW First-to-know privileges and member-only pricing on Flourish LIV Well events, gatherings and workshops.

  • ONGOING GUIDANCE One-on-one time and ongoing guidance, by request, with our LIV Well leader and program director, Sean Liv.

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