Azuridge Estate Hotel is nestled in the woods of the canadian Rocky Mountain foothills, 20 minutes outside Calgary, alberta. Behind its stately gate is a world of private luxury, fine dining, and personalized attention that is as polished as the gem for which it is named.


This spectacular retreat, with it’s awe inspiring views of the Canadian Foothills under legendary Alberta skies, invites you to leave behind distractions, making space for blissful, unforgettable memories.

Azuridge is a masterpiece of style and luxury. The Hotel Estate is most impressive when you and your guests have it to yourselves. Discover the impeccable design, luxurious attention from our team of Butlers, dine on exquisite food and be inspired as you tour the grounds of this gemstone property.

In addition, the team of butlers at the Azuridge Estate promises a distinctive experience of exceptional calibre


Be inspired by the natural radiance inherent in gemstones. Be delighted by the luxurious amenities and every convenience you could wish for – while gazing out floor-to-ceiling windows to panoramic natural vistas.

It’s the little things that matter most to the attentive staff at Azuridge. From the moment guests arrive at this intimate retreat, they strive to make the experience exceptional. Rooms are presented according to the needs of each individual guest and equipped with a complimentary array of drinks.

Every room is a precious gem and every facet reflects the luxury you and your guests deserve



Inquire for details and pricing at 403.931.0100 or email:

“Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things common but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

-Angelique Arsenal-


At Azuridge, there is no arbitrary division between outdoors and in. They flow into each other naturally, seamlessly, and there’s a place perfect for every moment – whether private, intimate, cozy, convivial or grand. You can delight your guests by changing the tone simply by shifting your setting.

Team Azuridge takes pride in assisting you in hosting your extraordinary event be it a wedding of a lifetime, that long talked about social reunion of friends and family, or that corporate retreat.

Sensational menus and wine pairing with your personal palate in mind, coupled with hospitality from the heart will ensure you and your guests leave with pleasantly unforgettable memories.

This is a place where new beginnings become memories that last a lifetime. Azuridge is that magical spot you have always imagined for engagement parties, bridal parties, wedding nights and honeymoons.

With its substantial selection of exquisite gourmet fare and superb wines, Azuridge makes the ideal setting for a banquet, girls weekend, vow renewal, special anniversary or that long talked-about reunion of friends or family.

When it’s time to get down to business, Azuridge is the clear venue for a board meeting, strategic planning session, corporate retreat, conference, workshop or seminar. You’ll find everything you need to make your event clearly the best.

To personalize your event, kindly contact our respective sales experts


The heart of the Azuridge experience, the Apatite Kitchen of Sapphire Hall.

To create your Azuridge Dining Experience, contact our butlers at 403.931.0100 or email:

“While staying with us at Azuridge Estate Hotel, discover the beauty of the Alberta Foothills as they lead up to the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains “


The essence of luxury is choice. Your Azuridge lifestyle is rich with options. INDULGE



P.O. Box 10, Site 9, RR1, Priddis, AB T0L 1W0


P: 403.931.0100   |   F: 403.931.0146


178057 – 272 Street W, Priddis, AB Canada, T0L 1W0

AZURIDGE. You arrive at a point where you see forever

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