How to Increase Engagement and Inspiration in Morning Meetings

Meetings are important to any business, but they can become dull and ineffective when they are held in the same room, same board room, time and time again. Holding meetings and special corporate events outside the office can come with great benefits.

Morning get-togethers are believed to have more positive outcomes than those later in the day and many employees claim they are more likely to be engaged first thing in the morning when they are refreshed and ready to take on the day.


1. Begin with a change of scenery

Creating a simple memory like driving through the foothills to a beautiful hidden estate for breakfast will make anyone on that journey take a deep breath. You can’t help but sigh when you drive over the rolling foothills as the Rocky Mountains unfold before you.

2. Awaken the Senses

So often we all meet in the same room, with the same sounds, light and presentation methods. The pace of the meeting, the tone of the meeting is same old, same old. People try to be engaged, they know the importance of the meeting, yet they can’t help but mind wonder.

Why not car-pool for a 20 minute car ride out to the country for an early morning meeting?  The sights, the sounds, the smell – all of which will awaken the senses in anticipation of the meeting.

3. Dining Together

So your team is gathered, everyone’s senses are awakened. People can’t help but feel differently about the meeting they’re about to have. But first, we recommend dining together. 

A new Cornell University study suggests employers may see a boost in productivity if they encourage their employees to eat meals together, similar to what occurs in many firehouses – Researchers found that firefighters who eat meals together have better group job performance compared with firefighters who dine individually.

From an evolutionary anthropology perspective, eating together has a long, primal tradition as a kind of social glue,”  said Kevin Kniffin, one of the study’s authors and a visiting assistant professor in Cornell’s Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management.

4. Trigger Creativity 

Physically taking employees away from the environment that’s been causing their stagnation is key to getting their minds back in the game. Moving the meeting outside the office can trigger a plethora of new ideas.  If you have a creative agenda set for the meeting, such as brainstorming a marketing campaign or reviewing quarterly results, the change of scenery and dining together, will inspire the “we can do it” attitude. Dull stagnation is left behind in the city.

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5. Recharge and Boost Morale

Often employees start to feel their contribution doesn’t matter or their job is just a job – which is the lowest of employee attitude. To boost employee morale, take time to creatively celebrate accomplishments, mix up the company’s usual way of doing things like having a breakfast meeting in the country at a beautiful Estate. And don’t forget to have fun, humour goes a long way to lift everyone’s spirits.  

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