What Is Wagyu Beef?

One of the new specialty burgers on the Azuridge Burgers & Beer Menu is
the Brant Lake Wagyu Beef burger. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Waygu,
here’s a breakdown of the revered beef.

What Is It?

Wagyu Beef (pronounced ‘wag-you’) is a breed of cattle native to Japan known for it’s highly marbled texture. The unique beef provides an unrivaled dining experience of ultimate tenderness, and a buttery flavour that lingers on.

A Healthier Option

Health experts have found that Wagyu beef naturally contains more Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids – the good fat – than other beef.

Buy Local

Wagyu cattle farming in Canada is found only in Alberta, Ontario and Prince Edward Island. Azuridge sources their Wagyu Beef directly from Brant Lake Wagyu here in Alberta, who believe in raising their cattle without the use of hormones or animal by products, and are fed a grain based diet.
You can try our Brant Lake Wagyu Burger on our Gazebo,
Summer Menu is closed for the season.  It will return next summer.
Call your butler for reservations at 403.931.0100, or email butler@azuridgehotel.com

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