Gem Inspired Spa - Flourish LIV Well Spa A Space to Thrive Flourish is a retreat space that allows for the exploration of day-to-day practises and conscious rituals that ignite a feeling of calm, personal satisfaction, career fulfilment, relationship harmony, and good health and positive wellbeing.

Experience Self-care


With Flourish – The LIV Well Spa at Azuridge, self-care is on a spectrum; the brighter the better.

Unlike typical spa experiences, we blend the healing powers of crystal energy, essential oils, and Chakra flow with a series of treatments, therapies, outdoor meditative paths, workshops, and meet-ups. Flourish offers a full-service spa menu designed to enrich the body, mind and spirit. We provide a calming space for intentional movement, meditation, tension relief, personal reflection, self-improvement, and all-around life vitality.

Nourish to Flourish


This is our home-away-from-home culinary space for full-body nourishment.

Hydrate with a kombucha or cold-pressed juice. Pair your mediation practice with a sensible – yet deliciously moreish – health snack. Reward an intentional yoga practice with a welcoming mug of matcha. Fuel your nutritional levels with consciously prepared, wholesome dishes made from the freshest greens, grains, and non-meat proteins, – 100% natural ingredients.

Our communal kitchen is at the heart of your Flourish visit. Don’t miss a chance to indulge in Head Chef Yoshi Chubach’s delicious, nutritious creations during your spa visit.

Be deliciously satisfied.

Nourish - Healthy Food by Chef Yoshi

Nature Trails


At Flourish – The LIV Well Spa at Azuridge, we believe that the simple things are the best things.

We make extra space in our programs and treatments for the natural – those healing powers that are provided by Mother Nature herself. This is why we’ve created three separate nature trails that border the spa. These trails are the ideal pathway for some self-guided or communal reflective time in the naturally-calming outdoors.

Take your journal and make entries along the way, set up somewhere quiet along the trail and undertake your meditation practice, or simply just take note of your surroundings and the natural energy around you. There are no rules or set ways on how to insert the nature trails into your ongoing journey to flourishing in full colour.

BE Trails at Azuridge

More about Flourish

Flourish is a space designed for freely exploring the day-to-day practices and conscious rituals that ignite a desired feeling of calm, personal satisfaction, career fulfilment, relationship harmony, and good health and positive wellbeing.
To Flourish is to put in the personal work, to begin a journey of meeting your best self.

To Flourish is to LIV a life in full colour.

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