With the wine program here, I am looking for wines that tell of a time and place. We’re a unique hotel and I’m always looking for wines that reflect our individuality. I also think the list should cater to everyone that comes here; wines of all styles, for all occasions, some familiar names, some that expand your tastes.

Ultimately for me, wine is not just “learning” about it.  Wine at its heart, is all about hedonism, a sense of personal pleasure. The best part of wine is enjoying it with family and friends in beautiful places all over the world while experiencing many different cultures.   The overall feeling we endeavour to create here at Azuridge is all about pleasure, connection and the luxury experience. Our wines are no different.

We keep it classic with our port, scotch, vermouth, bitters, gin & tonic and all of the timeless favorites.  We love to get adventurous and creative with our other beverage offerings. Our cocktails are passionately created with the experience in mind.

Whether you are sipping fireside or enjoying the sunshine out on the Gazebo, we have the perfectly crafted cocktail for you.

– Kristie Boschman – Sommelier

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