Tiki Attire Suggestions from the Guilded Butler

June 3rd is our annual Tiki party! We are very much looking forward to seeing you in your finest tiki attire. Sun, tropical florals, grass skirts and fruity cocktails come to mind when you think of tiki and we feel your attire should be complementary of just that. Below are tiki fashion suggestions and inspiration from the Guilded Butler.


Find inspiration in tiki tropics and floral patterns. Tropical patterns can be bright and vivacious or more understated and simple. Outfits can be paired with a myriad of accessories to bring the entire tiki look together. Read below to learn more about tiki inspired outfit ideas.

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Q1: The Hawaiian shirt is an everlasting fashion garment, particularly with men. What should I look for if I’d like something a little more delicate and feminine?

GB: Tiki is all about bright, tropical colours. Look for floral patterns and soft, delicate fabrics. Try a sundress or maxi skirt that flows from the hip and grazes the bottom of your ankle or heel.  Pair with a floppy hat or complimentary accessories to let the print take centre stage.

Q2: Is there anything trendy and in stores now that I could try for Tiki?

GB: Try a flirtatious one-piece jumper or romper in a tropical or floral pattern.  Jumpers are very low maintenance and can bring a whole outfit together in just one piece. Pair with a subtle or bold belt and a light jacket, or keep it elegantly simple with a long necklace or earrings.

Q3: The weather can be unpredictable. Can I wear a coat without it overshadowing my outfit?

GB: Try some denim options – it’s a great fabric to mix with floral patterns without your outfit looking too busy or boxy and it also gives you a little extra texture between fabrics.  Mixing denim and patterns creates a retro summer look that could land you on the best-dressed list!

Q4: What about accessories? What should I look for?

GB: When it comes to accessories think seashells, pineapples, bamboo and tropical flowers like hibiscus and orchids. Sunglasses are of course essential to any tiki outfit and lastly, finish by accentuating your outfit with wedges or strappy sandals.

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The Hawaiian shirt is consistently popular and a tiki party tradition. When deciding on the print of your Hawaiian shirt, go for something more understated. As a general rule of thumb, pair your bright, tropical Hawaiian shirt with neutral bottoms, such as jeans, khakis or black pants. Round out the entire look with sandals and sunglasses.

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Q1: How can one make their Hawaiian style stand out in the crowd?

GB: If you’re not afraid of some color, pair your Hawaiian shirt with brightly coloured shorts, like fuschia, turquoise or yellow.

Q2: If you’re not one to stand out, how can you simplify your outfit?

GB: Play down the busy pattern of your Hawaiian shirt with a casual pair of cut off Bermuda shorts or neutral coloured khakis.

Q3: If your tan hasn’t quite come in, what are some ideas for slacks rather than shorts?

GB: Take your everyday jeans, cuff or roll the bottoms, pair with your favourite plain white t-shirt and leave your Hawaiian shirt open and unbuttoned. This look is classic, clean and a bit vintage.

Q4: What are some ways to finish off the look?

GB: Compliment your tiki look by reaching for sunglasses, tennis shoes or sandals and an optional hat or straw fedora.

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