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Get real about your body, train your mind, and heal your spirit. The Ticket to Change is 13-week fitness-based program designed to help you meet your weight and fitness goals; manage your thoughts and cultivate motivation; and design your own blueprint for how you want to live. In each variation of this program, you have access to our exercise video library, to motivational videos, and to easy and nutritious recipes. Follow the Ticket to Change program month by month and overcome the obstacles that keep you from being all you can be. Create the change you want for your life.

The Ticket - Sean Liv's Book

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The Ticket a transformational guide for those who want to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. Full of tips, recipes, workouts, and tools, the Ticket gives those that follow its program a mind-set change for holistic changes in their lives. Understand the link between body, spirit, and mind on an entirely new level.

More about Flourish

Flourish is for freely exploring the day-to-day practices and conscious rituals that ignite a desired feeling of calm, personal satisfaction, career fulfilment, relationship harmony, or simply good health and positive wellbeing.

To Flourish is to put in the personal work, to begin a journey of meeting your best self.

To Flourish is to LIV a life in full colour

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