The Story Behind 2016’s Hottest
Bridal Colours

The meaning behind these stylish shades
This week we’re sharing the background story on three of the hottest wedding colours for the spring and summer season.

Pretty In Pink

Right now Rose Quartz is making a splash and it’s easy to see why bridal parties love it. Representing love and compassion, this romantic shade can also signify passion and energy. Whether it’s a pink wedding dress à la Jessica Biel or peonies in your bouquet, it’s going make your wedding photos look simply gorgeous.


Bring On The Sunshine

In 2016, gender-neutral hues as part of the wedding theme have become a big sensation and this is where Buttercup comes in. This sunny yellow symbolizes cheerfulness, fun and joy. What better colour to incorporate on your special day?


Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Somewhere between blue and purple, Lilac is an attractive colour that brings peace and tranquility to any wedding. Complimentary for accessories, floral arrangements and even macaroons, this stunning option is sure to bring a sense of calm; something we’re sure that every bride and groom would gladly welcome.


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Photography | Emily Exon

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