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Flourish – The LIV Well Spa offers holistic wellness services to improve your health and live a balanced life. Unwind in the serene oasis of our crystal-themed spa while you reconnect with your higher self.

With massage & body treatments, facial treatments, and manicures & pedicures, Flourish – The LIV Well Spa balances your body, mind, and spirit.

Join us in Fall 2020 at Flourish – The LIV Well Spa to discover the harmony of a balanced life. We look forward to meeting you.

LIV Well
LIV Brightly
LIV Vividly

Carve a personal path of positive intentions.

BE curious
BE centred
BE colourful
BE creative

Featured Spa Services:



Drift away in our peaceful spa as your hard-working hands receive the attention they deserve. Choose a crystal from our selection to enhance your manicure treatment and be infused by the energy the crystal provides. Included in our manicures at Flourish – The LIV Well Spa at Azuridge is nail buffing and shaping, hydrating exfoliation, cuticle care, a restorative paraffin treatment, and polish application. Your hands do so much for you. Here is your chance to thank them.


Sit back and treat your feet to some one-on-one time. At Flourish – The LIVE Well Spa at Azuridge, our technicians will soak your feet in a softening foot bath, buff and remove any callouses, and exfoliate your tired soles. Enjoy a foot massage to release the stress and tension that you carry. Flourish pedicure treatments also include nail shaping, cuticle care, and polish application.


Nourish and replenish your skin with a facial customized for your skin type. At Flourish – The LIV Well Spa at Azuridge, our facial treatments balance and protect your skin, defying age by stimulating cell regeneration. Enhance your facial by choosing one of our crystals to soothe and revitalize. Enjoy a facial treatment in our relaxed environment that will leave your skin feeling supple, soft, and years younger.

Body Wraps and Scrubs

Experience the whole-body benefits of our rejuvenating wraps and scrubs. Relax and unwind or find that energy boost your body has been yearning for. Replenish and renew your thirsty skin or savour relief for your aching muscles and joints. For your treatment, wrap or scrub, choose the crystal from our selection that best serves your needs. At Flourish – The LIV Well Spa at Azuridge, our crystals are available to enhance every treatment and to promote your well-being and balanced living. Enjoy the complete serenity offered by one or both of our full-body treatments.

Hot Stone Massage

Treat yourself to our hot stone massage, and feel stress and tension melt away at Flourish – The LIV Well Spa at Azuridge. The peaceful environment of our spa is the perfect place in which to experience the rejuvenation of hot stone massage along with the natural effects of our energy-infused crystals. Together, stones and crystals and skilled hands will promote relaxation, increase circulation, and soothe sore muscles. Experience balance and rejuvenation; experience our hot stone massage.

Relaxation Massage

At Flourish – The LIV Well Spa at Azuridge, we offer massages ranging from therapeutic to relaxation. Prior to your treatment in our calming massage area, choose a crystal to enhance your massage and receive the benefits of the crystal’s inherent energies throughout your treatment. Massage eases sore muscles, improves circulation, dissolves tension, and releases toxins. Experience the comfort and stress relief of any one of our massage treatments at Flourish. Just relax and indulge in the whole-body benefits of massage.

Crystal-Supported Treatments



Stone of strength, wisdom & courage
Stone of inner strength & purifying
Stone of anti-aging & stress relief

Personal Power

Stone of success, prosperity & power
Stone of confidence & true expression
Stone of anti-aging & stress relief


Stone of stress reduction anger & guilt
Stone of mental stamina & inner peace
Onyx – Black
Stone of emotional release, sorrow & grief

Self Love

Stone of trust, commitment & devotion
Lapis Lazuli
Stone of self & destiny
Stone of protection & clearing


Stone of faith & integrity
Tiger’s Eye
Stone of focus, protection & mental clarity
Stone of self & destiny


Stone of healing physical pain
Stone of transformation
Stone of emotional healing

More about Flourish

Flourish is for freely exploring the day-to-day practices and conscious rituals that ignite a desired feeling of calm, personal satisfaction, career fulfilment, relationship harmony, or simply good health and positive wellbeing.

To Flourish is to put in the personal work, to begin a journey of meeting your best self.

To Flourish is to LIV a life in full colour

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