Make Your Company Feel Like Royalty

Canada’s only guilded butler shares his secrets on hosting holiday parties fit for Buckingham Palace


Azuridge’s General Manager Clarence McLeod recently appeared in Hello Magazine offering up his royal expertise on how to throw the most impressive of affairs that one might experience in the company of the Queen Mother.
As a personal host to Queen Elizabeth during a Canadian visit, Clarence has worked with her butler team and after years of study in the arts of English butlering, he’s collected more than a few sparkling tips on making your company feel like they’re attending an event at the likes of Windsor Castle.


The rules of seating

Like the seating plan at a wedding, even the smallest holiday parties need to be strategized. Keep important guests close to you and assign other seats to guests who will mix and mingle nicely.


Know thy guest

Serving buffet style dishes gives you a greater ability to serve a small but diverse spread. It’s also important to be aware of dietary restrictions to make sure there are no awkward situations where guests are forced to go without.


Make life easy with assistance

“Synchronized service is like theatre in motion,” says Azuridge’s General Manger. This is why you should never be afraid to hire staff to help ensure things run smoothly. An extra set of hands in the kitchen, behind the bar or checking coats can make all the difference.


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