How To Avoid Kitchen Fires This Holiday

Some of the most common dinner dilemmas that come with hosting Thanksgiving and how to avoid them!


You forgot to order your bird

If you’re new to hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you might not know that it’s essential to pre-order your bird from a quality local producer well in advance. Otherwise, you may be left fighting for the last freezer-burned turkey at the grocery store. Not ideal.


You decided to get adventurous

You wanted to show everyone your zest for trying new recipes but an ill-advised attempt at making chocolate fondue in the microwave has ended with a visit from the fire department. Thanksgiving is never the time to get creative with menu plans. If you stick with what you know, the higher the success rate.


Wine please!

The less-than-favourite brother-in-law or the aunt who cries through dinner- every family has one of these and that’s why we have wine. Keep things running smoothly with a little holiday lubrication.


You hate getting stuck with endless dishes

If hosting dinner sounds less than appealing, there’s still a succulent second option for Thanksgiving: Tell your friends and family to meet you at Azuridge where the food and wine will be plentiful on October 11th and 12th. And this means no dishpan hands.


During both nights, dinner guests will be treated to a glorious three-course meal including herb marinated organic roast turkey, or seafood for something less traditional. Not to mention, Tiramisu and several other decadent desserts.


To peruse the mouthwatering Thanksgiving menu before you make your dinner reservation, click here. It’s not too late to call 403.931.0100 or email: and let Azuridge make your holiday dinner stress free.

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