Giving Presence This Year

Spend your holiday dollars creating memories that will last a lifetime.
In 2015, it’s not only insinuated, it’s scientifically proven that giving the gift of experience provides more value than material possessions. And with that radical realization, we’re highlighting a few fun-filled ways to surprise friends and loved ones with something special this season.


The promise of intrigue

Who doesn’t love the thought of living like James Bond? If 2016, marks a momentous occasion, like a bachelor party or men’s retreat, look to the estate to host an all-encompassing weekend with luxury cars, scotch, golf at Priddis Greens and a little gambling on the side to channel Casino Royale.


Gourmet for globetrotting palates

In recent years, the decadent trend of 3-day dinner parties has become the regular occurrence at notable international venues like Noma and El Celler de Can Roca. When you visit Azuridge, you too can plan your own culinary excursion with multiple courses, wine pairings and desserts that offer the gamut of flavours from around the world – and all with an intimate Chef’s Table setting.


Find Adventure in the Foothills

City-dwellers love spending big money to get back to nature, but when adventure-seekers stay at Azuridge, they needn’t go far to fall in love with the foothills or experience the Western ways of life first-hand with horseback riding along the high trails of Kananaskis.


Choose memories over materials this year and start creating the most spectacular experiences for your friends and loved ones by visiting our website.

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