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To be part of a like-minded collective is to LIV Well.

As part of your ongoing focus on you and your wellbeing goals, a regular measure of inspiration, conversation, knowledge-seeking, and insights from some of the wellness world’s most exciting thinkers is always welcome. And as Flourish – The LIV Well Spa at Azuridge is the place for continually checking-in with your body-mind-spirit connection and positive lifestyle regimes, it’s only natural that we’d host a series of expert seminars, guided practices, community gatherings and workshops throughout the calendar year.

Check back here often to see the details of our latest LIV Well events.

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Flourish Launch Event

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LIV Well
LIV Brightly
LIV Vividly

Carve a personal path of positive intentions.

BE curious
BE centred
BE colourful
BE creative

More about Flourish

Flourish is for freely exploring the day-to-day practices and conscious rituals that ignite a desired feeling of calm, personal satisfaction, career fulfilment, relationship harmony, or simply good health and positive wellbeing.

To Flourish is to put in the personal work, to begin a journey of meeting your best self.

To Flourish is to LIV a life in full colour

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