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Taking inspiration from unique gemstones, James McIntyre (founder of McIntyre Bills Architecture and Design Firm) shares his design philosophy on how he created 13 lavish spaces.


3b084d16584323adf1bd4fe4e4cbe99dWhen guests first visit Azuridge their first impression is generally one of awe as they are shown into the estate that was built to resemble the Canadian Pacific Railway. But that’s just the beginning. Beyond the grandiose entrance, each exquisite guest room was given a floor to ceiling makeover in 2012 by one of Western Canada’s leading design firms.


The Makeover

Before the estate became Azuridge, it was previously known as Falkenridge; a property that was more of what McIntyre would describe as a, “cold commercial space.” When the design firm was hired, they worked to soften the space, making it more friendly and hospitable with, “personal touches and a cozy environment.”


The Suites


According to McIntyre, “There’s not a bad room in the place,” and every suite has its own incredible view, but if he had to choose, he’s partial to the magnificent monochrome Pearl suite for its neutrality and incredible calming effect. “When we re-designed each space our goal was to create a serene space for guests.”


The Inspiration

For McIntyre, the project meant working in a rugged location with handsome natural architecture where the intent was to create sophisticated spaces, each with their own defining colour palate that included rose-hued pinks for the Rhodochrosite suite and dazzling blues for the Lapis Lazuli suite. As he describes it, “We wanted to play with accent colours to off set the natural elements and avoid being too vibrant.”


Whatever you seek during your stay at Azuridge, the beautifully decorated rooms are sure to impress.
Book your next stay at the estate and select one of the 13 suites with your favourite palette.

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