Between the Sheets

You won’t be counting sheep after you learn these techniques.


For most people “making the bed,” means haphazardly throwing a duvet over the mattress each morning. However, in the world of boutique hotels, the art of a well-made bed is one of the fine touches every guest should expect. If a good night’s sleep is what you crave, then follow these Azuridge tips to master the art of making up the perfect bed.



towels on the bed

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for and when you splurge on your sheets, shams and comforters you’re going to look forward to getting your eight hours. And why wouldn’t you indulge in a higher thread count? This is where you spend one third of your time, on average.


Be a perfectionist

Every detail counts so smooth out your mattress pad, ensure everything is symmetrical and use oversize sheets if that means you have more linen to tightly tuck in sides and corners at the end of the bed (just pretend you’re stretching a canvas and making perfect 45 degree angles).


Make it a triple

Once you’ve applied your tight sheet, your flat sheet and your blanket with a surgeon’s precision, it’s time to add the comforter and throw blanket but don’t forget the pillows. At Azuridge, each bed comes with four pillows and another two of the decorative variety to ensure optimal comfort and a polished presentation– or the makings of the best pillow fight you’ve ever had.


Follow these steps and you’ll have a bed that meets the gold standards of your favourite hotels, but for the most noteworthy of nocturnal experiences, iron your sheets before you apply them. Freshly ironed sheets are the very definition of luxury!


See more tips from Azuridge’s General Manager and the Queen’s go-to butler, Clarence McLeod,
on Breakfast Television Toronto.
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