Join us at the Azuridge Estate Hotel and enjoy an in-room spa experience like no other.  Treat yourself and your special someone with one of our many packages to help you relax, unwind and enjoy your stay.

We are pleased to offer many luxurious spa services:

  • massage & body treatments
  • spa enhancements
  • facial treatments
  • manicure & pedicure

Cancellation Policy

Please respect our therapists and cancel 48 hours in advance.

If you have to cancel within 24 hours you will be billed for the appointment. However, if you rebook within 2 days, that charge will be applied to your next appointment.


Bagni di Pisa thermal mud wrap and Sublime active lift facial.

120 min | $275.00

Celebrate your love and connection with this extraordinary couples facial, scrub and massage using one of the world’s most precious ingredients, Rose Otto.

Your body is buffed with Warm Himalayan Salt before an elixir of rose petals and deeply nourishing massage oil is firmly applied. A white tree and rose petal mask is the cornerstone of the facial which will leave your skin soft, healthy and glowing. The magical power of roses not just increase desire and connection to your partner but also aid in the tightening and brightening of your skin and melting away tension. You will both feel completely renewed and gorgeous.

$485.00 per person

The Pisa region of Italy is world renowned for the curative properties of its mud (and the leaning tower), used for centuries by popes and aristocrats to treat cellulite, arthritis, muscle spasms and post traumatic pain, this mud also has powerful detox properties.

While you are wrapped in this miraculous mud infused with a seriously heady blend of aromatherapy your therapist will elevate your relaxation with a foot treatment designed to completely renew the appearance of your feet and a scalp treatment that is both deeply relaxing and will leave your hair healthy and beautiful.

$310.00 per person

The Aromatherapy wrap begins by igniting a sensation of well-being, release of tight muscles, improved circulation, profound hydration, toning and improved circulation, leaving your feeling tranquil and your mind free and relaxed. Customized facial – focus on anti-aging, customized to skin type using luxurious products straight from Italy, naturally derived from plants and balanced by experts to achieve the best results for your skin, you have ever had. Foot ritual -Feet are given a brief scrub, and wrapped in enzyme peel to remove old, dead skin. The enzyme is removed and the feet are rewrapped in deeply hydrating lotion made of neem cream . A smooth silky skin, nourished and hydrated feet. Completely renewed appearance.

2.5 hrs | $350.00 / pp

Hot Stone massage with Chakra balancing- This treatment has amazing relaxation effects with hot stones used throughout the massage to work deeply into tight sore muscles and melt away the tension. Crystals are then used on the Chakra points to help restore mental and spiritual balance. Using Luxurious Products from Italy, the face is cleansed and toned and a mask that is tailored to your skin type and the results that we are achieving will be applied. All the ingredients are naturally derived and balanced so the effect on your skin is profound, leaving your with glowing, vibrant and noticeably healthier skin. Scalp and Hair treatment-A deeply nourishing and relaxing treatment, deeply nourish hair and scalp with our warm blend to restorative oils, and essential oils.

3 hrs | $360.00 / pp

Turbulent thoughts, memories and events whether current or in your past cause energy to become stuck and can influence your overall health. This balancing treatment is tailor made to restore your vitality, give you clarity, and restore your wellbeing.

Your therapist will also send you a detailed description of the balance levels in each chakra before and after the treatment, along with recommendations.

While your energies balance the sense of Tranquility you are enjoying is heightened by our signature scalp treatment and expedited facial. The feeling of bliss will follow you long after the treatment is over.

$320.00 per person

Custom Facial, Foot renewing ritual, tranquility prosleep massage-Innovative massage acting on three different sensory pathways: scent, touch and sound for profound relaxation, working so deeply that it will reset your sleep rhythms. If you have trouble sleeping, or have jet lag this is the treatment for you. A unique blend of essential oils, the Hypnotic Tranquility™ Sound, Ayurvedic and Indonesian techniques combined with the use of soft brushes, gently guide you to a quiet and peaceful mind.

2.25 hrs | $335 / pp

Enhanced by essential oils and therapeutic massage oil blends. Let us know what your pressure preference is from relaxation to deep tissue and also if you prefer a female or one of our excellent male therapists. Prices are per person.

60 min | $165.00
90 min | $240.00
120 min | $325.00

Side by Side couples massage. Let us know what your pressure preference is from relaxation to deep tissue and also if you prefer a female or one of our excellent male therapists. Please note if booking online you must select two therapists and the price below is per couple (2).

60 min | $340.00
90 min | $480.00

Couples massage lesson.

When you get home from work with an ache between your shoulders, or wake
up in the morning with a kink in your neck- wouldn’t it be amazing if your partner knew just what to do? With the powerful connection of touch learning a few simple and effective massage techniques. The benefits of this lesson will last a lifetime.

$280.00 per session

Innovative massage acting on three different sensory pathways: scent, touch and sound for profound relaxation, working so deeply that it will reset your sleep rhythms. If you have trouble sleeping, or have jet lag this is the treatment for you. A unique blend of essential oils, the Hypnotic Tranquility™ Sound, Ayurvedic and Indonesian techniques combined with the use of soft brushes, gently guide you to a quiet and peaceful mind.


The blend of oils, including bermundi oil which have healing and tightening properties, are selected and blended for their tightening qualities as well as their diminishing effect on stretch marks. This treatment restores firmness to slackened skin especially the delicate bust skin, leaving skin nourished and elasticized with improved texture, and tone.

75 mins | $175.00

This luxurious massage for mothers-to-be will nourish the skin, reducing fluid retention, dry skin, stress and stretch marks. Specialized techniques are employed that also reduce swelling and discomfort, improving circulation and producing an overall sense of well-being.

60 minutes | $165.00

*this treatment is not permitted in the first trimester

Heated herbal compresses used for centuries in Thailand, releasing toxins, relaxing muscles and dissolving painful knots. The compresses is custom blended on site for each client and will contain essential oils and therapeutic herbs that combine with the massage, and stretching to release muscle tension, and toxins from the body, increasing circulation and reviving both body and spirit.

75 mins (plus blending time) | $225.00

Perfect massage for a snowy day, or after a long day of vigorous activity, basalt stones magnify the effects of your massage to melt away tension, increase circulation, comfort and warmth.

60 mins | $165
90 mins | $195

Derived from the cannabis plant CBD and THC oils bind to receptors found throughout your body, and are extremely effective for isolated pain relief, reducing inflammation, reducing anxiety, depression, and aiding recovery from traumatic brain injuries. More importantly these exquisite blends deepen and enhance the relaxation or your muscles and your brain during your treatment and for hours after.

Be the first person you know to try these artisanal blends.

Add CBD oil to any massage for $49.00 / add THC oil to any massage for $79.00

Your massage is enhanced by Rose Quartz face massage and collagen mask – for deep inner healing, peace, self-care, and to open your heart.

$225.00 per person

While you enjoy being nestled in the Foothills of the Canadian Rockies this treatment will delight to all your senses. A sophisticated blend of Juniper, green tea, fir and oregano are wrapped in a warm compress and rhythmically rolled and pressed into your skin to enhance your immune system, balance your body and calm all your senses.

$245.00 per person

You may be feeling tired, moody, like everyone around is asking to much of you? This is a great treatment for balancing and improving all your energy levels and giving you insight into your amazing qualities and gifts and what might be holding you back from achieving bigger dreams and goals.

$225.00 per person

An exclusive treatment, using bricks of carved Himalayan salt heated to smooth tension right down to your soul while the skin is gently exfoliated. This is a detoxifying and revitalizing treatment for the body and mind, the unique massage designed for efficacy and pleasure.

With its 84 essential minerals Himalayan salt not just buffs and brightens your skin, (leaving you completely soft and impossible to resist) but it improves your overall health, with documented improvement for asthma, colds and skin conditions.

The hot stone massage is followed by a wrap with anti-aging oils mixed with the extraordinary Himalyayan salts, rich in essential minerals; the treatment purifies the skin and the vital organs, and leaves you feeling refreshed and nurtured. With less aches and pains, better circulation, enhanced metabolism, and higher energy, it really is a miracle.

90 mins | $225.00 per person

[Comfort Zone] Ritual Treatments for Body:

An anti-aging certified Organic Body Treatment. All products are deeply nourishing, and have been formulated to ecocert guidelines. Restore your skin’s natural beauty with a gentle exfoliation before being wrapped in nourishing rich cream and essential oils for the restoration of healthy vibrant skin. Sacred nature face treatment and mask finish off this divine treatment which will leave your skin feeling softer, firmer, beautifully nourished and positively radiant.


(Skin Tightening and Firming)
A luxurious body strategist scrub is followed by a firming body masque of Tamanu oil and walnut essence igniting a sensation of well-being, releasing tight muscles, improving circulation, hydration and toning. Leaving you feeling tranquil and your mind free and relaxed.


You will be wrapped in a miraculous mud from the Pisa region of Italy, world renowned for its healing properties. It has been used for centuries to treat arthritis, cellulite, muscle spasms, traumatic pain and to detox the body. And blended with essential oils that deepen both the effects and your level of relaxation.

$225.00 per person

This is a deep hydrating treatment for face, neck and décolleté that results in renewed moisture and silkiness. Restores compactness, tone and luminosity. This treatment returns hydro-balance to the epidermis, which contributes in prolonging youthful healthy skin.


Your skin will be rejuvenated using all-natural ingredients proven to have the greatest anti- aging benefits including vitamin c, rose and white tea; enhanced by diamond microdermabrasion this facial will tighten and brighten your skin, erasing fine lines and tightening your skin for a more vital appearance.

$240.00 per person

To Balance problem skin we use elements for their intense healing powers, antibacterial and balancing properties, skin will feel deeply clean and healthy.

$175.00 per person

Add microdermabrasion: $225.00 per person

Derived from ingredients as rare and exotic as you: Egyptian Neroli, Bulgarian Rosewater and a rare white lily extract are perfect for deeply moisturizing skin in Calgary’s dry climate.

$165.00 per person

For your sensitive skin that craves balance and attention, this facial is guaranteed to make you look and feel radiant!

$175.00 per person

This is a treatment for deep cleansing that gives the skin a luminous, smooth, uniform appearance. Intensive and delicate, it rebalances and normalizes the skin leaving it fresh and firm. Recommended for all skin conditions, including delicate, dehydrated and mature skins. It is particularly effective on impure, wrinkled, oily skin and those prone to acne.


An anti-aging redensifying and lifting treatment for face and neck. Combined with the specific [comfort zone] lifting massage, restores fullness to the skin and redefines the volume of the face. Its specific action and efficacy is obtained thanks in particular to the innovative biphasic peel-off mask.


Face treatment which resurfaces, stimulates cellular renewal and illuminates the face, neck and décolleté. The double peeling combined with Vitamin C guarantee efficacy.


This combines the double lift and the active lift for A treatment which resurfaces the skin while redensifying and lifting. Combined with [comfort zone] active lift massage, it stimulates cellular regeneration, bestows fullness and redefines the volume of the face. The efficacy and specific actions obtained are thanks to the double peeling combined with Vitamin C followed by an innovative biphasic peel-off mask.


Due to the synergy of pearl powder, berry, lemon and grape extracts. Absolute Pearl will oxygenate your skin and control hyper pigmentation and the appearance of dark spots. The skin retrieves an exceptionally even complexion. For all skin types.


These may be added to any treatment

This addition to any treatment will reduce fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.


Curious to see what the fuss is about, or an athlete looking for an edge you can add Cups to any massage?


Warm seaweed gel imported from France for its efficiency in breaking down and eliminating cellulite, applied to problem areas during your massage.

$55.00 per person

Are your feet are sore and tired? They deserve some extra love. Wrapped in a gentle enzyme peel to exfoliate away dry skin and the treated with a luxurious cream enhanced with herbs from the mountains of Switzerland to deeply nourish and renew.

$55.00 per person

This moisturizing treatment addresses the needs of your scalp and hair. Natural essential oils will revitalize the hair while you receive a gloriously calming scalp massage.

$55.00 per person

After a day of hiking or riding- this specific treatment has a remarkable and immediate effect of reducing any swelling or heaviness of the legs with long term reduction in pain from sore joints.

$55.00 per person

Life and travel can leave your face feeling dull and puffy, this is a moment of serenity that will not just rejuvenate your skin but your spirits as well.

$75.00 per person

A perfect addition to any treatment for an extra touch of relaxation, this dual treatment uses natural and organic products to revitalizes feet and hands with exfoliation, massage and basic nail treatment, all in our relaxing zero gravity chair.

$105 (Pedi Only)

experience tranquility & serenity

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If staying at the Estate, please book all spa treatments at the time of booking. Please disclose any health conditions at time of booking, including pregnancy, childbirth, surgery and any accidents.

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