Azuridge Hotel Shares Their Secrets:

“How To Throw A Legendary Party”


This week Azuridge is letting us in on a secret by sharing their hospitality trade tips on how to throw the most memorable of parties.

When you think of a really good time you might recall that great little sequence from The Great Gatsby where confetti fell from the sky and people danced around the swimming pool into the wee hours of the morning. Now that was a good party.
Whatever you associate with a good party, all epic soirees must have two things in common:
1) They exceed all expectations and 2) It’s an event guests never forget.
That’s exactly what Azuridge did when they hosted a recent event for Rolls Royce at their luxury estate. To recap the evening, here are four essential ingredients that Azuridge’s staff used to host the most impressive of bashes.


Dare To Be Different

“Nobody remembers mundane”, says Azuridge’s General Manager Clarence McLeod, the man with the most cocktail currency in town. Spare no expense in creating an emotional experience. Roll out the red carpet, serve the finest champagne and pull out all the stops. At the Rolls Royce event, even the ice sculptures were branded with the luxury automobile insignia. It’s the fine details that make all the difference.


Do Your Research

In the wise words of Clarence: “To throw an exceptional party you must tell a story”. In order to prepare for the event, the staff researched the back-story of Rolls Royce and discovered the tiniest of details. Take for instance, the fact that the Rolls Royce hood ornament is known as The Spirit of Ecstasy.

What appears to be a mere decorative item is actually the basis of a great love story. The model for the hood ornament, Miss Eleanor Thornton, was actually the mistress to the Baron Montagu, a pioneer of the early auto industry.


Pick a Theme

After learning about the love story behind the hood ornament, often called The Eleanor, Clarence and his team went to work creating a decadent cocktail inspired by this great beauty.

To further enhance the experience, the kitchen prepared an over the top spread that paid tribute to Europe. The Rolls Royce brand colours even inspired the flower arrangements.


There Must Be Dancing

Every party must have dancing. This is why Azuridge brought out the Alberta Ballet to perform during the evening. For guests, this was just one more decadent layer to the party, helping to make it one they won’t soon forget.


“The whole of this spectacular retreat is readied for you to share with your guests”

 “A masterpiece of style, luxury and impeccable service”



If you have a special occasion to host, look no further than Azuridge. With a talented staff that can help arrange every detail, you’re sure throw the most splendid of parties. For more details on visiting the resort or hosting your own feted function call (403) 931-0100 or email:

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