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Practical wisdom from the butler team on hosting etiquette


The butler team at the Estate has a sterling reputation for making guests feel right at home. This week, Clarence McLeod, the Estate’s guilded butler and entertainer extraordinaire, shares three smart tips on how to make hosting a breeze.

Make An Entrance

No guest enjoys being greeted by an overwhelmed host. Keep the complexity of kitchen and bar preparations to a minimum to ensure you’re not welcoming friends, family or colleagues into a high-stress environment. If something does require your attention, it’s advisable to have someone to open the door, take coats and make introductions.


The Magic of Wine

We all know a good soirée can be greatly enhanced with cocktails and wine, but having a bottle of white can be a life-saver in the event of spilled red wine on the table cloth or the sudden appearance of grass stains (a regular issue at outdoor dinner parties). To prevent these stains from setting, simply splash a little white wine on the area and gently dab. For extra measures, add a dash of salt, which will help if scrubbing is required. The bonus? More vino for you after guests go home.


Take Your Seats

An attentive host and a few bottles of wine can go a long way, but during dinner, make sure to create a pre-arranged seating plan to prevent any lulls in conversation or awkward moments. If your group includes a mix of company, keep those social cues ready to connect the dots. As in, “did you know that both of you have been to Nepal?” or “has Ray told you about his latest celebrity encounter?”


The butler team at Azuridge has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of hosting. Follow our blog for regular updates on how you too can be an entertainer extraordinaire.


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