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Energy. You just feel it. You can tune into it.

All of us. It surrounds us. Whether it’s the good energy you sense in the business meeting, or the energy that hits you when you walk into a room. The energy from a full moon, or a satisfying workout.

It’s the conscious understanding of person-to-person energy. Relationships. Gut feel. Your own day-to-day energy, the flow between your thoughts, feelings, and physical wellbeing.

When energy feels good, it’s just that. Everything feels right, balanced, just so, at one, the way it’s meant to be.

Energy can be found in many different places – some might be obvious, others not.

Once tapped, the energy well around us can flow, be applied to our personal needs, goals and aspirations in all areas of life. Reiki specialists channel into the Chakras energy. Spiritual thinkers will use crystal and gem energy.

Yogis and daily meditators will generate positive energy through quiet practice and mind clarity. Therapists move energy around the body through massage technique. Nutritionists rely on refueling food and healthy diet choices.

FLOURISH Energy Spa brings all of this thinking and ancient wisdom together to create a modern-day toolkit of selfcare and positive living.

Energy Explained

Good energy is clarifying, cleansing, and uplifting.

Good energy brightens our day, and the world around us.

Good energy can be one of the best tools we can use, for good body-mind-spirit health.

Meet Sean Liv


Sean Liv is the visionary, program curator, and leader of all things LIV Well at Flourish.

Consider her your coach, mentor, teacher, and all-round wellness cheerleader. With her signature upbeat personality, energetic outlook, compassionate ear, and expertise in a multitude of health, wellness and spiritual techniques, you’re in the safest, most supportive, hands.

With her own personal story to tell about intentionally moving away from a dependence on life’s artificial tools for fulfillment, Sean made the decision to overhaul all areas of her own life and set a new path. This was also the beginning of her professional entry into the health and wellness sector. Beating her own mental barriers and life lows, Sean consciously built a lifestyle for herself that focused on positive body, mind, and spiritual routines. She found her passion in seeking a life well LIVed.

To read more about Sean’s journey, philosophy, teachings and expert knowledge in all-round wellness, visit Ticket to Change.

More about Flourish

Your feel-good, live well, energy oasis.

FLOURISH is not your typical spa experience, intentionally so.

We have passionately created an evolution of the spa as you know it, to meet what we see as a growing demand for contemporary citizens of society.

Flourish is for freely exploring the day-to-day practices and conscious rituals that ignite a desired feeling of calm, personal satisfaction, career fulfilment, relationship harmony, or simply good health and positive wellbeing.

To Flourish is to put in the personal work, to begin a journey of meeting your best self.

To Flourish is to LIV a life in full colour

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